Novastar Sending Card MSD600 Synchronous LED Screen Sending Card



Purchase Novastar led controller systems for your stage rental video walls at best prices.

Capacity: 2.3 million pixels.
DVI / 1920*1200 Resolution.

1.HDMI/DVI input;.
2.HDMI/extermal audio input;
3.12bit/10bit/8bit HDvideo source;
4.Resolution supported:2048*1152,1920*1200,2560*960;
5.Resolution supported:1440*900;(12bit/10bit).
6.1 light sensor interface;
7.Cascading supported;
8.18bit gray scale processing and presentation;
9.Video format:RGB,YCrCb4:2:2,YCrCb4:4:4.

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Novastar Sending Card MSD600 support 2.3 million pixel loading capacity, with resolutions of 2048*1152,1920*1200,2560*960;

CE / RoHS / EAC / FCC / IC
DVI video input
Audio transmission
Dual-Ethernet output, with dual-Ethernet cable hot backup and multiple controller hot backup.
USB port pc led controller, for cascading and control of multiple units.

1 × DVI video input and 1 × audio input
2 × Gigabit Ethernet output
1 × light sensor connector
Supports the new generation of pixel level calibration technology from Novastar to provide a fast and efficient calibration process.
Supports a variety of video formats, moderate msd600 Novastar price, and msd600 led software download free.

Electrical Parameters Input voltage DC 3.3 V
Rated current 0.75 A
Rated power consumption 3.5 W
Operating Environment Temperature -20°C to +75°C
Humidity 0% RH 90% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions 137.9 mm × 99.7 mm × 14.0 mm
Net Weight 135 g
Certifications EMC, RoHS, PFoS, FCC
 Packing Information Each unit is shipped with a carrying case and packing box.

Packing rules: The product and accessories packed in the packing box and the packing box packed in the carrying case

 Carrying case 335 mm × 190 mm × 62 mm

Craft paper box printed with NOVASTAR

One unit in each box

Accessories: 1 × power cord, 1 × USB cable, 1 × DVI cable

 Packing box 400 mm × 365 mm × 355 mm

Craft paper box printed with NOVASTAR

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