NovaStar MSD300 Sending Card Price for Video processor



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Loading Capacity: 1.3 million pixels.

1). 1280×1024 Resolution.
2). DVI video input, audio transmission.
3). Dual-Ethernet output, dual-Ethernet cable and Multiple controller hot backup.
4). 1x light sensor interface, adjust the screen brightness automatically.
5). USB port control, for cascading and control of multiple units.

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Novastar msd300 sending card support 1.3 million pixel loading capacity, with resolutions of 1280×1024@60Hz, 1024×1200@60Hz, 1600×848@60Hz, 1970×712@69Hz, 2048×668@60Hz; DVI video input; Audio transmission; Dual-Ethernet output, with dual-Ethernet cable hot backup and multiple controller hot backup; USB port control, for cascading and control of multiple units.

NovaStar MSD300 Sending Card Software Manual Hardware Features:

1). 1 × DVI video input and 1 × audio input
2). 2 × Gigabit Ethernet output
3). 1 × light sensor connector
4). Supports the new generation of pixel level calibration technology from Novastar to provide a fast and efficient calibration process
5). Supports a variety of video formats, moderate msd300 Novastar price, and msd300 led software download free
6). USB port control, for cascading and control of multiple units
7). Resolution: 1280×1024, 1024×1200, 1600×848, 1920×712 or 2048×668
8). Input Voltage: DC 3.3 .5 V
9). Rated Current: 0.5 A
10). Rated Power Consumption: 2.5 W
11). Temperature: -20°C-95°C
12). Humidity: 0% RH-90% RH, non-condensing
13). Certifications: EMC, RoHS, PFoS, FCC


Red Device operating indicator. Working status:

  • On: The power supply is normal.
  • Off: The power is not supplied or the power supply is abnormal.
Green Device status indicator. Working status:

  • Slow flashing: Video input unavailable
  • Normal flashing: Video input available
  • Fast flashing: The screen is displaying the startup image.
  • Breathing: The Ethernet port redundancy has taken effect.


  • Single-link DVI input connector
  • Supported maximum resolution: 1920×1200@60Hz, downward compatible
  • Resolution customizable
    • Maximum width: 3840 pixels
    • Maximum height: 1920 pixels
AUDIO Audio input connector
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Maximum loading capacity of a single port: 650,000 pixels
  • Supports redundancy between Ethernet ports.


USB (Type-B) Connects to the PC.
UART IN/OUT Input/Output connector for cascading devices
Function Connector
LIGHT SENSOR Connects to a light sensor to monitor ambient brightness, allowing for automatic brightness adjustment of LED display.
Power Supply
DC 3.3V~5.5V DC power connector

MSD300 LED Sending Card Release Notes Specifications Firmware

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