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Transparent Media Facade LED Display Curtain P10.42 P15.6 P18.75 P20 P25 P31.25 P37.5

Transparent Media Facade LED Display Curtain P10.42 P15.6 P18.75 P20 P25 P31.25 P37.5


Transparent Media Facade LED Display Curtain P10.42 P15.6 P18.75 P20 P25 P31.25 P37.5


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Transparent Media Facade LED Display Curtain P10.42 P15.6 P18.75 P20 P25 P31.25 P37.5

LED Mesh media facade adopts aluminum material and unique heat dissipation design which all guarantee the transparency. The hollow design and strip shape make it ever lighter than traditional display. Available in pitch 8/16 mm,16/16 mm, 16/33 mm, 33/33 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 50/50 mm (vertical/horizontal), Legend series can be applied in exterior wall of building, heterogeneous cityscape, CBD, lounge display and stage.

LED Mesh media facade is durable, lightweight, and can make any custom shape! Our led mesh product solution includes digital packages necessary software and powerful servers to run centrally managed displays.

Our LED Media Mesh facade series systems reinvent the large-scale media experience.

LED Mesh Curtains have become a popular signage solution because of its lightweight, easy to install features. Led Mesh can be customized into many different sizes and smoothly and perfectly fits into architectural lighting and decorating applications.

The sophisticated, scalable, semi-transparent LED system elegantly transforms any surface into a brilliant palette for graphics, text, and video animations in full color (RGB).

LED Mesh media facade product features
No steel structure ??front install & maintenance
LED mesh CE-EMC-ETL compliance
High transparency LED product
Lightweight and ultra slim 8-15kg/sqm
Front/back IP67 ??UV resistant
LED mesh curtain Front and rear IP67
Low Power Consumption

LeemanLED Dot Style Media Facade
LeemanDisplay Dot-style LED Media Mesh is one type of widely-used outdoor media facade. The easy-maintained LED RGB dots strings are attached to the rollable frame. This product integrated with the flexibility of led pixel strings and high definition of led video display. It features IP67 grade, high transparency, super brightness, ultra-slim, lightweight, and impressive flexibility. Therefore, the dot media mesh has been warmly welcomed by the architects, designers, integrators, advertisers, and building owners.

LeemanLED Strip Style Media Facade
LeemanDisplay outdoor Strip Curtain Media Mesh can wrap up thousands of square meters building facade as a stunning digital wall. It has SMD, DIP two versions. And the pixel pitch has options of P25/50mm, P40/50mm, P50/50mm, P50/60mm,P50/100mm, and other custom pitch. With DIP2R2G2B for one pixel, it can get super high brightness, 7,000~10,000 Nits. You can hang or mount the whole led curtain from the building top to the bottom or part area. Besides, the individual led strips can be either fixed along the building edge as architectural lighting, or mounted on the wall with a unique shape to make some creative media facade.

LeemanLED LED Grid Media Mesh
LeemanDisplay indoor LED Grid Media Mesh is made by small creative LED video modules. It provides the options of indoor 15 mm, 25 mm, 30mm, 60mm pixel pitch. With the design of compact size, flexible and transparent module, it can customize LED video solutions with a minimum of effort. For this reason, it is extremely suitable for integration into lobbies, creative ceilings, stage designs, set elements, and much more.

LeemanLED HD LED Strip Curtain Media Mesh
LeemanDisplay outdoor HD Strip Curtain Media Mesh is a good choice for both large scale or small area video wall. It is able to play high definition video, meanwhile, it keeps the advantage of transparency, slim and lightweight. Its pixel pitch ranges from P7.8 to P31. It is viewable for all day, super high brightness in the daytime, and brightness-adjustable in the night-time. It can be fully front installation and front service. Therefore, it can easily mount over the glass or the window directly. It is a robust and weatherproof outdoor high definition media facade screen, which works perfectly under any conditions, -40??~ 60 ?? no air-conditioner, and no heavy frame.

LeemanLED Glass LED Display Media Mesh
LeemanDisplay glass led display is a new-trend indoor media screen. It is mainly installed in indoor places. Nevertheless, it has many advantages, which the traditional indoor led displays can’t compete with. At first, it inherits the features of media mesh such as high transparency, lightweight and slim body, and elegant appearance. Naturally, it gives the designers and architects new tools to advertise their brands. It has two versions including low brightness and high brightness. When watched by internal viewers or only working during night-time, the one with low-brightness is good enough. However, its high brightness(>8000nits) version provides another chance to build a media facade screen for external viewers, though it would be fixed inside the building after glass.

Transparent Media Facade LED Display Curtain P10.42 P15.6 P18.75 P20 P25 P31.25 P37.5

Product Technology Parameters
Unit direction Vertical Horizontal
LED type Nichia DIP346
Mode LeemanLED15
Unit size L500×H1000mm
Protection level IP67
Viewing angle H100°/V60°
Brightness ??500nit
Resolution 4096dots/??/td>
Max consumption 400W/??/td>
Adv consumption 130W/??/td>
Unit strip qty 32 pcs
Unit resolution 32×64 dots
Weight 22KG/??/td>
Pixel pitch 15.625mm
Tube width 11mm
Tube structure 1 row, 1 columns.
LEDs 1R1G1B / RGB 3IN1
Transparency rate 0.35
Thickness 113mm
Install depth 150mm
Heat dissipation Convective heat dissipation
Wind dissipaion Level 12
Power supply Power supply with PFC
Installation Fast install
Fire safety 10S/unit
Fire resistance Full VO grade
Service Front、Black
Control mode steady state
Color temperature 3200-9300K
Refresh rate 60Hz
Working temperature -40??to 60??/td>
Storage temperature -55??to 120??/td>
Life time ??00,000 hours
Input voltage AC110-220V
Grey grade 16bit
Seismic capability 10 ~ 500Hz, 5G 12min./1cycle, period for 72min. each along X, Y, Z axes
EMC Conduction Emission EN55022 CLASS-A、Harmonic Current IEC61000-3-2 Class-A

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