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NovaStar MRV366 Receiving Card for LED Screen

NovaStar MRV366 Receiving Card for LED Screen


NovaStar MRV366 Receiving Card for LED Screen


Novastar MRV366 Receiving Card
Replacement Product: MRV416 Receiving Card

Resolution ??br /> 512×256 pixels (8bit)
256×256 pixels (10bit/12bit)
RGB Data Output ??2 groups
Monitoring Card Applicable :??br /> Support Memory on Module :??br /> HUB75 Interface :Integrates 16 HUB75 connectors
Certification :RoHS

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NovaStar MRV366 Receiving Card supports the preset picture setting of receiving card, and the specified picture can be set as both the startup screen of the display or the picture to be displayed when the network cable is disconnected or there is no video source signal, so that the screen will not be black and the picture is connected seamlessly.

Mapping functionality is supported, led receiver can clearly obtain the location and wiring mode of the receiving card, ensuring box connection is easy, as well as quick location of problem box.

MRV series led ​display receiving card can check the temperature and voltage of the receiving card, detect the network communication quality between the transmitting equipment and the receiving card or between the receiving card and the receiving card without other peripheral devices, and help eliminate the hidden dangers of network communication.

Supports reading back firmware program and configuration parameters. It can read back the firmware program and configuration parameters of the receiving card and save locally, avoiding complicated operation and improving work efficiency.

Supports 3D functionality. With independent master control and 3D glasses supporting 3D functionality, you can achieve an immersive cinema-level 3D experience.

It supports three backup modes: loop backup, configuration parameter backup and dual program backup, to maximize the smooth play of the screen.

It supports point by point color calibration. With NovaLCT and NovaCLB, it calibrates the brightness and chroma of each light point, effectively eliminates the color difference, ensures the uniformity of the entire display’s brightness and chroma, and improves the image quality of the screen.

Electrical specifications Input voltage V DC 3.3V ~5.0
Rated Current 0.5 A
Rated power consumption 2.5 W
Working environment Temperature -20℃~+70??/td>
Humidity 10 RH ~90 RH, no condensation
Storage environment Temperature -25℃~+125??/td>
Humidity 0% RH ~95% RH, No condensation
Physical specifications Size 145.6 mm×91.5 mm×17.2 mm
Net Weight 100.1 g
Box size 650.0 mm×500.0 mm×200.0 mm
Certification information Has passed RoHS 、EMC Class A certification

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