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Novastar MRV208-1 LED Receiver Card LED Screen

Novastar MRV208-1 LED Receiver Card LED Screen


Novastar MRV208-1 LED Receiver Card LED Screen


The MRV208-1 is a general receiving card developed by NovaStar. A single MRV208-1 loads up to 256×256 pixels.
Supporting various functions such as pixel level brightness and chroma calibration, quick adjustment of dark or bright lines, and 3D, the MRV208-1 can significantly improve the display effect and user experience.

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Novastar MRV208-1 LED Receiver Card LED Screen Features??/strong>

·Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration
Working with NovaLCT and NovaCLB, the receiving card supports brightness and chroma calibration on each LED, which can effectively remove color discrepancies and greatly improve LED display brightness and chroma consistency, allowing for better image quality.

·Quick adjustment of dark or bright lines
The dark or bright lines caused by splicing of modules and cabinets can be adjusted to improve the visual experience. The adjustment can be easily made and takes effect immediately.

·3D function
Working with the sending card that supports 3D function, the receiving card supports 3D image output.

·Quick uploading of calibration coefficients
The calibration coefficients can be quickly uploaded to the receiving card, improving efficiency greatly.

·Mapping function
The cabinets can display the receiving card number and Ethernet port information, allowing users to easily obtain the locations and connection topology of receiving cards.

·Setting of a pre-stored image in receiving card
The image displayed on the screen during startup, or displayed when the Ethernet cable is disconnected or there is no video signal can be customized.

·Temperature and voltage monitoring
The receiving card temperature and voltage can be monitored without using peripherals.

·Cabinet LCD
The LCD module of the cabinet can display the temperature, voltage, single run time and total run time of the receiving card.

·Bit error detection
The Ethernet port communication quality of the receiving card can be monitored and the number of erroneous packets can be recorded to help troubleshoot network communication problems.

·Firmware program readback
The receiving card firmware program can be read back and saved to the local computer.

·Configuration parameter readback
The receiving card configuration parameters can be read back and saved to the local computer.

Novastar MRV208-1 LED Receiver Card LED Screen

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