Novastar MRV206 LED Video Receiving Card LED Display Screen



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The Novastar MRV206 LED Screen Video Receiving Card is a cost-effective receiving card from Nova Technology. The single card has a maximum load of 256 × 256 pixels and supports up to 12 sets of RGB parallel data. With six standard HUB75 interfaces.

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Novastar MRV206 LED Video Receiving Card LED Display Screen

Support for lighting chromaticity correction
With NovaLCT and NovaCLB, the brightness of each lamp point
Corrected with chromaticity.
fast bright and dark line adjustment
Quickly bright and dark line adjustment on NovaLCT to eliminate
A gap between the light board and the light board, the box body and the box body.
3D function
With independent masters that support 3D capabilities, at NovaLCT or
Turn on the 3D function on the operator panel of the main control and set the 3D parameters.
The number causes the display screen to display a 3D effect.
192×256 (PWM IC)
176×256 (General Purpose IC)
Improve maintainability
Mapping function
Target box after enabling Mapping on NovaLCT
The receiving card number and network port information will be displayed, which can be clearly obtained.
Receive card location and routing method.
Receive card pre-stored screen settings
The specified picture can be set to the display on NovaLCT
The screen when the startup screen, network cable is disconnected, or when there is no video source signal.
Temperature and voltage monitoring
Can monitor its own temperature and voltage without the need for other peripherals,
The temperature and voltage of the receiving card can be viewed on the NovaLCT.
LCD module
Supports Nova’s universal 5pin LCD module. For display connection
Card temperature, voltage, single run time and total run time
BER monitoring
With NovaLCT (V5.2.0 and above), the receiving card is connected
During the communication, the data loss on the transmission link is monitored.
Firmware program readback
Can read back the receiving card on NovaLCT (V5.2.0 and above)
The firmware program is saved to the local.
Configuration parameters read back
Readback card configuration parameters can be read back and saved on NovaLCT
Go to the local.
Improve reliability
Loop backup
Increase the reliability of the series connection of the receiving card through the master-slave redundancy mechanism.
In the standby line, when one of the lines fails, the other
A line will work instantly to ensure that the display is working properly.
Configuration parameters dual backup
Save two receiving card configurations on the receiving card via NovaLCT
Parameters, one of which is used as a backup parameter.
Dual program backup
The receiving card is shipped with two applications saved in case the program is more
The upgrade caused by the new exception is stuck.


Novastar MRV206 LED Screen Video Receiving Card Parameter

Maximum Load 256x256px
Electrical Specifications Input voltage DC 3.3V~5.0V
Rated current 0.5A
Rated power consumption 2.5W
working environment Operating temperature `-20℃~+70
Storage temperature 10%RH~90%RH No condensation
Storage environment Temperature `-25℃~+125
Physical specification Dimension 138.7 * 50.1 * 17.2(mm)
Net weight 52.5g
Certification Information Passed RoHS certification

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