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NovaStar DH426 Receiving Card

NovaStar DH426 Receiving Card


NovaStar DH426 Receiving Card


Loading Capacity: 512×384 Resolution

Onboard: 16 HUB75 interfaces
RGB data: 32 groups of RGB
Input Voltage: DC 3.3 V??.5 V
Rated Current: 0.5 A
Rated Power Consumption: 2.5 W
Humidity: 10% RH??0% RH, non-condensing
Temperature: -25°C??125°C

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NovaStar DH426 Receiving Card serves as a highly reliable led receiving card that comes with all the necessary features needed to improve your led screen’s graphical performance.

From the presence of maximum pixels to the RGB data support; this Novastar led receiving card serves as a basic, yet, complete option for your led’s graphical editing needs.

With all this, you get the NovaStar DH426 Receiving Card HUB75 interfaces in this model too; making its performance a lot more reliable and stable for long-terms usage support.

Other than that, this DH426 also comes with some important features like; support mapping, support error code monitoring, 3D function support, RGB independent Gamma adjustment, box led display, and a lot more to enhance your user experience. And with all this, the highly reliable hardware and software design of this DH426 helps in keeping the device properly maintained, stable, and easy to manage.

  • Improve display effect

With NovaLCT and NovCLB, the brightness of each light point is corrected to make the brightness of the entire screen consistent and improve the display quality
Quick light and dark line adjustment
Quickly adjust the light and dark lines on NovaLCT to quickly solve the light and dark lines on the display caused by the splicing of cabinets and modules. The adjustment will take effect immediately and is simple and easy to use.
3D function
With the independent main control supporting 3 functions, enable the 3 function on the operation panel of NovaLCT or independent main control, and set 3D parameters to make the LED screen display 3D effect.

  • Improve maintainability

Mapping function
After the Mappimg function is enabled on NovaLCT, the receiving card number and network port information will be displayed on the target cabinet, and the receiving card location and wiring method can be clearly obtained
RGB independent Gamma adjustment
With the independent master control and NovaLCT that support RGB independent Gamma adjustment, by adjusting the Gamma values ​​of the RGB three colors separately, Section can effectively control the low gray unevenness of the display, white balance drift and other issues, making the picture more real.
Temperature and voltage detection
Can detect its own temperature and voltage without the need for other peripherals. Can be viewed on NovaLCT
Error monitoring
With NovaLCT, it can detect the network quality between the sending device and the receiving card or between the receiving card and the receiving card, record the number of errors, and assist in troubleshooting.
Firmware read back
On NovaLCT, the firmware program of the receiving card can be read back and saved locally.
Read back configuration parameters
On NovaLCT, the receiving card configuration parameters can be read back and saved locally.

  • Improve reliability

Loop backup
The reliability of the network cascade between the receiving cards is increased through the active and standby redundancy mechanism. In the active-standby cascade line, when one of the lines fails, the other line will work immediately.
Dual program backup
Two application programs are saved when the receiving card leaves the factory to prevent problems such as stuck and self-locking during program update


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