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High Brightness 10000Nits Outdoor LED Display 960×960 Nationstar SMD Gold Wire Chip Outdoor Waterproof IP68 Front Maintenance Platinum P10 LED Panel 480×320


Platinum P6.67 IP68 Outdoor LED Display 960X960 Common Cathode Energy Saving LED Module 480X320

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IP68 Waterproof Outdoor Digital LED Display Billboard 960×960 Nationstar Golden Wire LED Chip High brightness 10000nits P6.67 LED Display Module 480×320

IP68 Waterproof Outdoor Digital LED Display Billboard 960×960 Nationstar Golden Wire LED Chip High brightness 10000nits P6.67 LED Display Module 480×320


IP68 Waterproof Outdoor Digital LED Display Billboard 960×960 Nationstar Golden Wire LED Chip High brightness 10000nits P6.67 LED Display Module 480×320


1. Energy-Saving with Low Power Consumption
2. Ultra-Light and Thinness;
3. Simple Structure, Hard Link with Wireless;
4. High Protection Level, Security and Stability;
5. Easy to Realize Front and Rear Maintenance;
6. UL, EMC, CE, Rohs, ISO, FCC, IECEE, CB Certification
7. 5 Year Warranty and 10% Spare Part

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IP68 Waterproof Outdoor Digital LED Display Billboard 960mmx960mm Nationstar Golden Wire LED Chip High brightness 10000nits Platinum Series P4 P5 P6.67 P8 P10 LED Display Module 480mmx320mm

Platinum Series Outdoor Fixed DOOH LED Display Screen Solution
Dimension: 960*960*75mm
Pixel Pitch Outdoor: 3.3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6.67mm, 8mm, 10mm
Applications: Digital Signage System, Chain store, Street furniture, Billboard, Shopping Mall, etc.

Key Features:
??10000nits Ultra High Brightness
??Aluminum Module Chassis Heat Dissipation
??Economic Efficient
??Energy Saving
??Stable and Reliable Performance
??Total front & rear service

Platinum S Series Outdoor Fixed Narrow Pixel LED Display Screen Solution
Dimension: 500*1000*80mm
Pixel Pitch Outdoor: 1.953mm, 2.604mm, 2.976mm, 3.91mm, 4.81mm
Applications: Window Screen, Digital Signage System, Bus Station, Arena Display, Business Advertising Signs, Airport, etc.

Key Features:
??Reach 7000nits high brightness
??Die-casting aluminum cabinet
??Total front & rear service
??Fine pitch outdoor fixed installation
??IP66 and 5VB protection level

Platinum Pro Series Outdoor Fixed Advertising LED Display Screen Solution
Pixel Pitch Outdoor: 6.67mm, 8mm, 10mm
Applications: DOOH Market, Billboard Advertisement, Road Sign, Stadiums, etc.

Key Features:
??16:9 Golden ratio
??SMD outdoor 10,000 nits
??Front and Back maintenance
??Fanless cooling system
??Cable free back side

IP68 Waterproof Outdoor Digital LED Display Billboard 960×960 Nationstar Golden Wire LED Chip High brightness 10000nits LED Display Module 480×320

Leeman Front Maintenance Front Service Waterproof IP68 Outdoor LED Display 960×960 Specification
Pixel Pitch (mm) 4 5 6.67 8 10
Pixel Density (dot/m2) 62500 40000 22478 15625 10000
Gold Wire LED Chip NationStar NationStar NationStar NationStar NationStar
LED sealing Type SMD1921 SMD2525 SMD2727 SMD3535 SMD3535
Module Size (mm * mm) 480*320 480*320 480*320 480*320 480*320
Module Resolution (PX* PX) 120*80 96*64 72*48 60*40 48*32
Brightness (cd/m2) 6500 7000 7500 8000 8500
Grey Scale(bit??/td>

??6 ??6 ??6 ??6 ??6
Driving IC ICN2153 ICN2153 ICN2153 ICN2153 ICN2153
Refresh Rate (Hz) 3840 3840 3840 3840 3840
Maximum Cabinet Power Consumption 500W 500W 500W 500W 500W
Average Cabinet Power Consumption 150W 150W 150W 150W 150W
Cabinet Size (mm * mm) 960*960 960*960 960*960 960*960 960*960
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 25KG 25KG 25KG 25KG 25KG
Cabinet Thickness(mm) 75 75 75 75 75
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg) 160
Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg) 140
Input Voltage (V) 110-220V/200-240V
Working Temperature (?? -20~ +40
Working humidity(RH??/td>

Storage temperature range -40~ +80
Operation humidity (RH): 10%~90%
Waterproof Level IP68
working life 10,0000H
Working Environment: Outdoor and Indoor
Installtion Method Rental and Fixed Installation
Maintenance method Dual Service, Front Maintenance and Back service
Warranty time 5 years warranty time and free lifetime technical support
Certification UL, CE, ETL, ROHS, EMC, FCC, ISO,IECEE, CB


LeemanLED New Launches Platinum Series Outdoor Fixed LED Display Hit the Market. The product has won a high praise by customer at domestic and abroad once it was released. The traditional LED display screen advertising form can only be shown in pictures and texts, and lack of creativity, which is easy to forget. LeemanDisplay Platinum attracts the audience’s active attention with intuitive and vivid advertising forms, which is more compulsory than traditional media.

1. 10000nits high brightness
Platinum Series can achieve the brightness of 10000 nits, 30% redundancy while use 7000nits. LED attenuation 5%-9% every year and after 5 years still have around 7000nits. It could be seen clearly even under the strong sunlight.

2. Energy-Saving
Platinum Series adapts CCES Technology makes the screen energy-saving by 60% compared with other products. Long lifespan and display effect is stable.

3. High Protective Performance
Outdoor display screen has high requirements on protection level. Platinum Series front and rear protecting level is IP68/IP67. With the highest standard of waterproofing. All-day work, fully capable of any harsh environment, features with anti-corrosion, moisture-proof etc.

4. Strong Flame Resistance
Traditional outdoor LED display screens are prone to fire because of quality problems and design defects, which bring great risks to personnel safety and customers’ economy. Platinum Series all aluminum material, high temperature durability, fast heat dissipation with Noise-free, it is able to used at high temperature for a long time without deformation. Platinum Series reaches 5VB fireproofing level.

5. Recycling
Platinum Series farewell to plastic shell, adapts die-casting aluminum chassis, high recycling efficiency, recycle rate is 90%.

Leeman Display has more than 10 years of experienced and professional R&D team, committed to innovation, Leeman LED is striving to contribute to the development of LED industry.

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